Fujifilm Unveils FinePix S100 FS Digital Camera to Simulate Film

Fujifilm FinePix S100FS Digital Camera

In the run-up to PMA 08 next week in Las Vegas, Fujifilm announced seven new cameras today, among them the FinePix S100 FS.

The “FS” in its name stands for “film simulation,” declaring its ambition to translate the fine features of Fujifilm’s professional Provia and Velvia films to the digital format.

Aimed at nature photographers, the FinePix S100 FS also boasts an extended dynamic range to faithfully capture bright and dark areas of an image such as a bright sky against the dark sea.

Fujifilm says the FinePix S100 FS is the first digital camera with a closed-unit design to have an extended Dynamic Range (100%, 200%, 400%) similar to that of negative film.

In Film Simulation Mode, the user can choose to reproduce the color tones of Velvia and PROVIA films, and when combined with the bracketing function, the FinePix S100 FS can simultaneously create images based on three types of film with just one press of the shutter button.

The other new cameras announced today by Fujifilm were the FinePix F100fd, FinePix S8100fd, FinePix S1000fd, FinePix Z20fd, FinePix J50 and FinePix J10.

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Published by Chris Malinao

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