Fujifilm FinePix F20 Review: Li’l Bro is Big Too

Fujifilm already has a very good camera in the 6-megapixel FinePix F30, released in February. But to reach a broader mass market, Fuji made a little brother to this marvelous compact and released it as the FinePix F20 in July, priced lower but retaining the F30’s major features that matter for a good point-and-shoot camera to perform well.

Does the F20 perform well? PhotographyBLOG made its own hands-on testing of the F20 and confirmed that it is indeed a good point-and-shoot camera, “and certainly one of the most successful marriages of price to performance.”

Fujifilm F20

Image quality is very good and it’s a lot easier to use. To attain a lower price point Fuji did not over stretch the F20’s SR chip by limiting it to ISO 2000 “only” versus the F30’s ISO 3200. But who shoots beyond ISO 800? Likewise, the F20 dumbed down its 2.5-inch LCD a bit at 153,000 pixels (F30 has 230,000).

More importantly, the F20 does not have aperture and shutter priority modes like the F30 which might matter to a more advanced photographer. But for point-and-shooters like grandmama, it’s an excellent camera.

[Via PhotographyBLOG]

Published by Chris Malinao

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