Epson Unveils R-D1xG Digital Rangefinder Camera

Epson R-D1xG Digital Rangefinder Camera

Epson Japan is resurrecting the old R-D1 digital rangefinder camera with some modifications in the form of the new R-D1xG. The new model is expected to be released in April for about $2,000.

The Epson R-D1xG uses the same 6-megapixel sensor as the R-D1 but adds a snap-on handgrip, a larger 2.5-inch display, support for SDHC memory cards and enhanced EDiART image processing. Reportedly, the shutter button has also been improved to make it more tactile.

The R-D1xG, which looks very similar to the Voightlander Bessa series, accepts M-mount Leica lenses.

[Site: Epson Japan]

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