Episode 117 of Photoshop User TV

Photoshop User TV Episode 117

The Photoshop guys are back on this week’s Photoshop User TV, there’s two of them back, Scott Kelby and Dave Cross, minus Matt Kloskowski who was somewhere else.

In this episode, Scott shows us 5 stupendous White Balance tips in Camera Raw that lets you instantly see how an image would look using different settings. He also shows us how to use the gray card to quickly adjust the White Balance in Camera Raw. Amazing how Scott makes every tutorial so easily understandable, interesting and fresh even as he manages to mumble something about “a long day already.”

Dave for his part shows us how to incorporate Smart Objects into our edge effects and how to hide and save cropped areas to reveal them later if needed. This is also a technique to replace the photo and the edge effect very easily, making it a neat little template to frame your photos.

Plus, studio guests Katrin Eismann, co-author of The Creative Digital Darkroom (with Sean Duggan), and Jeff Revell, who changed his Jeff’s Photo Gallery to PhotoWalkPro.com, also appear on the show.

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Published by Chris Malinao

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