LightSource Podcast Interview Series

E061 Scarpati

In this edition of LightSource, Bill and Ed talk with Scarpati, commercial music photographer.


Bill Crawford, publisher of (Flickr)
Ed Hidden, exclusive photographer (Flickr)

Theme Music:

Sean Campbell and Steve Hill (

Special Guest:

Scarpati, commercial music photographer.


Scarpati Photos

LightSource Episode 61 (Interview Series) [55:20 minutes]



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In this episode:

Bill and Ed discuss:

Special Guests Scarpati discusses:

  • Getting started in music photography
  • Working with limited equipment
  • Using portable flashes with long exposures
  • Not having a defined “look”
  • Collaboration on a photo shoot
  • Building sets
  • Owning vs Renting a studio
  • Shooting in a home studio
  • Studio wall color choices
  • Shooting on location
  • Buying equipment that lasts
  • Speedotron Black Line 105 to stop action better
  • LightTools Egg Crates
  • Removing of light in an image
  • Using cards to add reflections
  • Using soft boxes as dramatic light sources
  • Using egg crates
  • Introducing perspective with lenses and sets
  • Lighting groups with softboxes
  • How bands have (not) changed over the years
  • Memorable photo shoots
  • Enjoying your work

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