DPReview.com Posts Full Review of Nikon D700 FX DSLR

Nikon D700

DPReview.com has posted its report on the Nikon D700 FX DSLR. The review is based on a production unit of the D700.

Reviewers Lars Rehm and Simon Joinson write that “the Nikon D700 is an excellent camera that is extremely versatile and performs well both in the studio and on location.” The D700’s most obvious strength is its high ISO performance with usable pictures up to ISO 12800.

Similar to the more expensive Nikon D3 in image quality, the 12-megapixel full-frame D700 makes a very appealing proposition to many professional photographers and serious amateurs. DPReview.com gave the D700 a Highly Recommended rating.

But there’s stiff competition out there. Both the Sony A900 and the Canon EOS 5D Mark II offer almost twice the resolution at the same price point, with the new EOS 5D adding a very attractive HD movie mode.

[Via: DPReview.com]

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