DPReview.com on Canon EOS 450D: Highly Recommended

Canon EOS 450D Digital SLR Camera

The new Canon EOS 450D (XSi in the US, Kiss X2 in Japan) has been out for some time now and has found its way into the hands of many end users by now. So, how does it perform?

DPReview.com, the grand daddy of all reviews regarding cameras, has finally posted its report on the 450D. Simon Joinson and Phil Askey collaborated to write the review.

They report some improvements: the new sensor is superb, buffering has improved, spot metering too; also on the ISO button/viewfinder display as well as the improvement in the viewfinder itself.

The foibles: default JPEG is ‘over cooked,’ metering occasionally gets it wrong, and the hand grip is still smallish for big hands.

The conclusion: “The EOS 450D feels like a mature product, it is capable of superb results (even if it’s actually now good enough to reveal the limitations of the cheaper EF-S lenses) and it has a feature set that offers an excellent balance between beginner-friendly ease of use and the manual control / customization demanded by those wanting something a little more serious. The new stabilized 18-55mm lens is a distinct improvement on some of Canon’s earlier kit zooms and the fact it only adds $100 to the body price is a real bonus. That said, you really need to be using primes and pro-level zoom lenses to really see what the sensor is capable of.”

The 450D gets a Highly Recommended rating.

[Via: DPReview.com]

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