Datacolor Reduces Prices for Spyder3 Display Calibrator

Datacolor Reduces Prices for Spyder3 Display Calibrator

Datacolor is offering their Spyder3 display calibration device at a reduced price in the UK. The Spyder3Elite is now priced at £155.99 from £175 (inc. VAT) while the Spyder3Print has been reduced by £60 to £253.99.

Spyder3Elite is a display calibration device for professional photographers. With the reduced prices, Datacolor is hoping to entice even amateur photographers to calibrate their monitors to get the best on-screen color results from their work.

Spyder3Print lets photographers who print their pictures at home to reproduce the original colors as precisely as possible. Complementing the display optimization capabilities of Spyder3Elite, it enables users to create customized profiles for their own printer, ensuring that accurate, high quality prints are achieved without wasting time, ink and paper on trial and error testing.

“By introducing new, lower prices for Spyder3Elite and Spyder3Print, we are able to bring Datacolor’s advanced colour management technology to a new audience who are also passionate about colour in their work,” said Christoph Gamper, European general manager of Datacolor.


Published by Chris Malinao

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