Datacolor Introduces Affordable Lens Calibration Tool

Datacolor SpyderLensCal Calibration Tool

The new SpyderLensCal, pictured above, from Datacolor is a lens calibration tool that offers a method of method of measuring the focus performance of camera and lens combinations on the spot, eliminating the costly and time-consuming process of sending your gear to the manufacturer for servicing.

While modern SLRs offer autofocus, their AF accuracy and reliability can sometimes be doubtful. Lens calibration inaccuracies were corrected by shipping the camera and lenses to the manufacturers for servicing, a lengthy process. By adding the SpyderLensCal to their gear bag, photographers can easily calibrate interchangeable lenses on their own and eliminate the need for service, Datacolor said.

Many newer models of popular DSLR cameras have a lens micro calibration feature which requires a reference test system to adjust AF. SpyderLensCal was designed to aid in correcting the autofocus by enabling photographers to store them in custom camera settings on recent DLSR bodies. With the capability to store lens autofocus corrections on recent DSLR cameras, users can easily change from lens to lens without needing to recalibrate.

SpyderLensCal is available at a retail price of about $60.

[Site: SpyderLensCal]

Published by Chris Malinao

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