Corcoran Gallery of Art Presents 125 Ansel Adams Photos

Ansel Adams Self Portrait

The Corcoran Gallery of Art will open on September 15 an exhibit of photographs by the legendary Ansel Adams. The presentation consists of 125 images from the Lane Collection which preserves Adams’ works spanning sixty years.

Ansel Adams, the exhibit, will present his iconic landscapes as well as rarely exhibited prints that offer new insight into one of the few photographers in the history of the medium whose name and images enjoy worldwide recognition.

“Ansel Adams gives us the opportunity to explore the hidden depths of an artist known for just a few iconic images. The wide range and high quality of pictures in The Lane Collection reveal a photographer with many dimensions, not just the well-known maker of dramatic landscapes,” said Paul Roth, curator of photography and media arts at the Corcoran Gallery of Art.


Published by Chris Malinao

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