CNET on Pentax K20D: Excellent!

Pentax K20D

Even as CNET notes that Pentax K20D colors aren’t technically as accurate as they could be, they’re not very far off compared with the other cameras in this price range and tend to look pleasing nonetheless.

CNET senior editor Philip Ryan says the K20D’s performance is impressive, as is its image quality.

Phil writes, “Overall, the K20D is a very good camera for the price. Pentax users looking to step up should feel comfortable doing so. If you’re brand agnostic and looking for a solid midrange SLR, the K20D is a safe bet. It has an extra stop of sensitivity compared with the Canon EOS 40D, which tops out at ISO 3,200 compared with the K20D’s ISO 6,400. Plus, if you think you’ll use the Pentax’s wireless flash control, you should note that Canon forces you to buy a separate controller, or its priciest flash unit, if you want that.”

[Via: CNET]

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