Cedar Electronics CDV-628 Camera from China

Cedar Electronics CDV-628 Camera/Videocam/PMP from China

Cedar Electronics’ CDV-628 is a videocam which doubles as a portable media player. It is also a still camera. It shoots and shows photos and videos and plays music too.

The specs look right: 1/1.8-inch CMOS sensor, f8.54mm lens, 5-megapixel still photo resolution and 2.4-inch LCD screen. Its looks are right too, makes you think of a high-end device especially when folded.

So what could possibly be wrong about it? I don’t know. Its provenance (made in China) may not inspire much confidence today, but history tells us that Japan went through the same process of imitation and innovation right after WWII, and then there was Taiwan who also made it after much copying and experimentation in the 1970s.

Japan and Taiwan of course are now making world class products. There is no doubt that China is following the same learning curve, the same path to making quality products.

So far, they’ve got form and function right. Perhaps soon, the durability of China-made products may also be validated.

So, you wanna try out the CDV-628? Minimum order is 500 units, but maybe you can persuade them to sell you a few sample units first for testing.

[Site: Cedar Electronics]
[Via: MadeInChina.com]

Published by Chris Malinao

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