Canon Rebel T1i’s Matching Flash: Speedlite 270EX

Canon Speedlite 270EX Flashgun

Along with the new Canon Rebel T1i (will you get used to the name?) DSLR, Canon also announced a new flash, the 270EX, to replace their Speedlite 220EX which is now gathering dust.

The new Canon Speedlite 270EX is a compact and lightweight external flash unit intended for use with Canon EOS SLRs and select PowerShot models. It has a guide number of 27 in meters, which means that at ISO 100 and f8 aperture, this flash can properly light a subject 3.375 meters or about 11 ft away.

The 270EX uses two AA batteries and enables bounce flash shooting with four position steps from 0-90 degrees. Like Canon’s high-end Speedlite flash models, the 270EX allows users to control flash functions and input settings using the camera’s LCD monitor. The flash also features a quick-lock mechanism and a metal mounting foot for secure and easy attachment and reliable contact.

The just-announced Rebel T1i (let’s just call it the Canon EOS 500D that it is, okay?) is an awesome consumer-level camera that could rival Canon’s own 50D. Its video capability however followed the Nikon D90 and Canon EOS 5D Mk2’s glaring lack of full-time autofocus.

[Site: Canon USA]

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