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Canon EOS 1000D Digital SLR Camera

The Canon EOS Rebel XS, a.k.a. EOS 1000D, is perfect for its target audience of entry level photographers, those new to DSLR shooting. You want a simpler DSLR that won’t intimidate a novice? You got it in the EOS 1000D. Its control buttons and menu system have been designed to be n00b-friendly. It’s also lightweight, with a body that won’t weigh you down even if you shoot all day during your travels.

Indeed, Canon bills the EOS 1000D as lighter and more affordable. Lighter, yes. But more affordable? At $700 with a kit lens, there are other more affordable alternatives in the market today: the Pentax K200D, Olympus E-420 and Nikon D60 come to mind.’s Matt Grayson took a good look at the EOS 1000D in his review of the camera and noted that indeed, with the popularity of the earlier EOS 400D, this model isn’t going to lose any points with it being the younger, prettier, thinner and more intelligent sibling.

Matt also notes, “The great performance results I achieved from the camera coupled with Canon’s notorious ease of use means the EOS 1000D is perfect for its target audience.”

But he doesn’t like the material used on the grip, saying it makes the camera feel cheaper; he also gripes on the 1000D’s lack of a remote release and spot metering.

It’s also very expensive, Matt concludes.


Published by Chris Malinao

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