100 in 100 Tip: Sharpen Your Photos with Anti-Shake

100 in 100 Part 2

Tip: You can use anti-shake even in broad daylight to sharpen your shot.

Anti-shake – known as Image Stabilization in Canon cameras and Vibration Reduction in Nikon – is a very useful feature not only in low light conditions, so that you can shoot with a longer shutter time to allow more light in; it can also be applied in broad daylight shots, so that you can shoot with a slower shutter speed but smaller aperture to include the background in focus.

This is a tip in Adorama’s 100 in 100 Part 2, as excerpted from an article by Jack Howard. Mason Resnick adds a practical tip: skip that coffee before a shoot; coffee does really make you nervous and your hands shaky.

[Via: Adorama.com]

Published by Chris Malinao

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